on beauty

This morning while I was walking the dog, a spider swung down from a tree. I thought, if you were walking here with me, she would swing more gracefully.


remember the morning you hooked me on camping?

We were canoeing down the james river with the best and worst part behind us. as we rowed away from the campsite you had claimed 2 days earlier with your big, orange cooler, i was a little sad to say goodbye to the foggy rings resting, still sleepy, on the fingers of the mountains.

The sun hit the water just so when you said morning is the best part of camping, and that nothing can beat the view from a summit when you wake up with the sun all shining, the fog heavy on the mountains below. you said, "wouldn't it be nice if i could wake up and hike while you make coffee, stay warm, and write?"

River Shoes

The other day, you were at the outdoors store and called me to ask what size shoe i wore. you brought me a pair of sandals with thick straps and sturdy soles. River Shoes you called them- sandals...with toes!

I'm always stubbing something, my feet most often. i might walk across a creek in bare feet, but i'm too delicate to be quick. with River Shoes, i can step where i can't always see without the fear of turtles, rusted parts, jagged rocks, or fishing hooks taking pieces of my feet.

It does feel a little strange wearing shoes of substance when my main shoe of summer has so far been the flip flop (usually kicked off). i'm aware that my feet are attached to me now. it's easier to tell when i trip, and that i do more often when i'm around you. i think you should have to hold my hand whenever i wear shoes.



IT's sunday night and i'm tired. today we came back from the river. we left at 10:10 when the sun hit the water, just to meet my brother for lunch. you navigate a boat like some sort of sailor. competence is as sexy as devotion.
we have such a blast. not two months, and i'm in too deep. but i feel good because i know you're right here with me. we could be anywhere and happy.
looking through my paper journal, i see this trend i'm following- one good day after another. after another. after another. it's no wonder i'm worn out.
i couldn't protest a night apart. i need some time for me, and you for you. i need time to miss you properly, because you, sir, are overwhelming. that's a good thing.

You've got so many flavors that harmonize with mine. you i like to drink in large doses and take my sweet time swallowing. your neck has a perfect lick of salt and your kiss is the lime on my lips that takes away the tequila taste. one shot of you and i'm done. you make me run into bushes.
but i know your body. i felt the way you moved when we were on our knees and you brought us through balcony falls, rushing headfirst into calmer waters. it was only a little scary.
my endorphins and pheromones needed a kick. baby, you're IT.